CPD Workshop Days


These continuous professional development courses require that you have a holistic therapy certificate and have some experience of professional practice. Each workshop day is worth 5 CPD points. You will receive a certificate of attendance.

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SPIRIT DOORWAYS   2 days £150                        

The energetic cleansing of houses, spaces and negative attachments.

spirit attachments

CRYSTAL RESONANCE   1 day £75           

Advanced crystal healing combining crystals with the energetics of fossils,woods, metals and other natural items.


HEALING SLEEP  1 day £75                       

Advanced crystal healing techniques combined with journey working.

 Healing touch

AROMA CRYSTAL   1 day £75                         

Healing techniques combining crystals with Aromatherapy.

 advanced crystal healing

MASTER CRYSTALS   1 day £75                 

Advanced routine using master crystals aromatic gem essences and hot stones.


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