Angelic Reiki Healing

Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner course £252


Tamara is a fully qualified and insured  nationally recognised 
practitioner. She is bound by a strict code of ethics, guaranteeing
a professional and confidential service at all times. A Reiki Master
Teacher and Holistic Therapist specializing in Hypnotherapy

Tamara offers regular Angelic Reiki courses for those interested in developing, learning and becoming practitioners

Working hand in hand with the Angelic Realms, Ascended Master Collective and Galactic beings, angelic reiki offers a profound system of healing and consciousness expansion.

It is a powerful means of personal development and transformation

It is the healing for our time

Angelic Reiki works with the highest energies of the angelic realm to bring about healing and balance on all levels. We have the possibility for self healing and to send healing to other people, places and situations.

Working together with Angels and Archangels we are supported to let go of physical, emotional and karmic imbalances. It is a blessing to give and receive an angelic healing session.

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