Crystal Healing Therapy

Experience the healing power of crystals

1 hour            £40

                          crystal healing treatment
About the treatment

Crystal healing is a natural therapy utilizing the therapeutic properties of rocks, stones and crystals.

It can be described as the use of crystals to effect changes in the body’s energy field (aura). These changes can have a positive effect on health.

Working on the aura with crystals may relieve physical symptoms associated with poor health as well as bringing balance to the mind and emotions and a sense of well being.

Crystal healing provides an energetic detox and spring clean and with repeated treatments may improve overall health and performance.

Crystal healing is super relaxing and you may find yourself drifting away during the session!

Benefits of treatment
  • Relaxing
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Recovery from impact injuries
  • May help with addictions
  • Improves mood
  • Good when convalescing
  • Brings balance to body, mind and spirit
 using a pendulum
 Crystal healing therapy works along side, but does not take the place of regular medicine








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