Intuitive Readings

What do your auric colours reveal about you?

Aura Readings       £40

Have you ever wondered what your own aura is like? What colours do you radiate and why?  Now you can find out!  Lizzy uses a crystal pendulum to read your present energies. Your aura may reveal relevant issues and can help bring to the surface things that need resolving. Sometimes symbols and spirit messages appear which convey helpful insights and add strength to the aura.
You will receive
  1. A copy of your unique aura picture
  2. An  interpretation of your auric colours, patterns and symbols
  3. Individual guidance in keeping your own energies healthy & balanced
To order your aura reading please send a recent photograph to my email address here .

 Crystal Ball         £25

Receive messages from the spirit world through the crystal ball. Lizzy will use her intuitive skills to tune in to the higher dimensions and provide guidance on your life path. 
To arrange your crystal ball phone reading please contact Lizzy at the email address here .

Lizzy  provides aura and crystal readings at events and festivals throughout the year.  Check the What’s On page for venues near you. Please enquire if you require private or group readings.





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