Soothingscents Planetary Oils

Information Sheet


cosmic oils


SUN – Leo

A solar blend for positivity and energy. Helps with depression, fatigue and lack of motivation.Brings success and protection. Good for healing and to get things done. Includes Sandalwood.

MOON – Cancer

A lunar blend for nurturing and calming. Helps female complaints and aids healing. Promotes psychic awareness and dreams. Good for spirituality and meditation. Use at the full or new moon to tune into the lunar energies. Includes jasmine and yarrow.

MERCURY  – Virgo/Gemini

The planet of communication. Good for the intellect and communication. Clears the head and enlightens. Helps with headaches and throat problems. Aids writing skills, reduces mental anxiety, promotes intelligence, compassion and giving. Good when travelling, studying or breaking habits. Includes Marjoram.

VENUS  – Taurus/Libra

The planet of love. Good for emotional problems and for issues of love and friendship. Alleviates selfishness and heard – heartedness. Helps with bereavement and relationship difficulties. Brings joy and beauty. Includes Myrtle.

EARTH Any Sign

The planet of nature.Stabilising and grounding.Aids nervous problems and ungrounded people who are detached from reality. Helps with practical and creative tasks and getting back to basics. Includes Patchouli

MARS  – Scorpio/Aries

The planet of war. Survival, initiative, ambition, will. Helps people stuck in a rut, shyness and timidity. Gives courage, physical energy & determination. Good for healing after surgery. Includes Black Pepper.

SATURN  – Capricorn/Aquarius

The planet of industry. Discipline, life status & social approval. Helps frustration and despair. Helps problems caused by life restrictions. Aids recovery from being institutionalized. Includes Myrrh.

JUPITER  – Sagittarius/Pisces

The planet of good fortune. Expansive and benevolent. Helps depression, brings faith in life, opportunity, freedom & generosity. Good for general prosperity in projects and business. Includes Tonka Bean.

URANUS  – Aquarius

The planet of invention. Useful for bringing inventiveness, insight and inspiration. Good for breaking free from limitations and changing your life. Aids anxiety and brings peace to situations. Includes YlangYlang.

NEPTUNE  – Pisces

The planet of healing. Develops all forms of  artistry and craft including music. Helps dreaming, trance states  & meditation. Good for overcoming addictive behaviour. Includes Silver Fir.

PLUTO  – Scorpio

The planet of transformation. Deals with issues of death and re-birth, regeneration, disease and sexuality. Good for facing your fears and dealing with your shadow side. Useful for coping with major life transitions. Includes Clary Sage



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