Information Sheet



CRYSTAL CLEAR – Created primarily for cleansing crystals, this sage blend can also be used to cleanse rooms and the aura. 

PURIFICATION- Designed to purify the environment before healing  ceremonies or rites includes Hyssop and Sweet Fennel. Good for the sickroom and breathing and chest ailments. 

CLEANSINGA pleasant citrus blend which includes Orange And Juniper. Useful for cleansing the aura or to create/cleanse a space for healing. 

CIRCLEA blend of seven sacred oils including Spikenard and Himalayan cedar. Designed for general circlework and ritual use. 

PROSPERITY – To increase luck and chances of success in life. Live long and prosper. Includes Lemongrass. 

SACREDUse as an anointing oil to attune you to deity and the higher energies and entities including angels. Includes Hyssop and Bay. 

FERTILITY – Use to increase fertility in your life and bring projects to fruition. Includes essential oil of Rosemary 

MEDITATION – A trance inducing blend designed to put you into a more spiritually aware frame of mind. Very balancing and calming, includes Atlas Cedar and Rosewood..

CLEAR SIGHT –  Open your third eye with this mix to increase clairvoyance and psychic skills, includes Mugwort. 

HEALING – A special blend designed for all healing uses. Good for convalescence. Soothing and fortifying, includes Organic Lavender. 

PEACE – A beautiful healing oil that includes Rose Otto and Blue Chamomile. Perfect for inducing a peaceful mood. 

PROTECTION – A powerful blend designed to stop you picking up unwanted psychic debris from your environment with protective Tulsi Oil. 

SPIRIT – Celebrate the magical forces of all life with this sparkly blend designed to attune you to subtle energies, includes Cardoman and Roman Chamomile. 

BREAK THE HABIT – Give up that addiction for good with the help of this special healing blend.


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