Healing Creams

Information sheet

Healing Creams


Safe Space

Useful for –Burn out,trauma, agrophobia, fear.menstrual imbalances,childbirth,lack of self love, eating disorders, not being able to cope. Aids building trust and communication. Includes marjoram and petigrain with green adventurine

Vital Energy

Useful for- Convalescence,fatigue,debilitating conditions,drowsiness, stress,lumber and kidney weakness, viral infections & colds a good immune system booster,obesity,lack of fitness.Includes cinnamon and rosemary with carnelian

Rites of Passing

Useful for-Major life changes, upheavels,taking up challanges,terminal illness,dealing with grief, moving on from past pain.moving house,getting a divorce, taking on a new job. Includes bay and cypress with haematite

Peaceful Feelings

Useful for-Emotional upsets,anger,worry,. Gives a feeling of calm and alleviates panic,uplifting. Aids in relationship and parent/child problems,break-ups and difficult situations. Includes caraway and myrtle with blue agate


Useful for-Finishing projects,carrying on when you feel that you cant. Aids determination, overcoming addictions, pulling yourself out of a rut. Self confidence status and esteem. Includes nutmeg and orange with clear quartz






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