Chakra balancing visualisation

Heal and balance your chakras

chakra balancing

Pour a few drops of your chosen chakra oil onto your palm and rub hands together.

Place your palms in front of your nose and breathe deely 3 times to inhale the special aroma.

Reapply the oil and place the right hand over your chosen chakra area.

Try to feel the chakras energy and imagine the chakra as a coloured, rotating cylinder of light passing through the body.

Slowly move the hand in a circular motion over the chakra and extend the hand away from the body to a level that feels comfortable.

Breathe deeply 3 times and imagine coloured light being drawn in and out of the chakra.

As you breathe out release all unwanted energiesĀ and tension from the chakra area.

Rest and relax for a few minutes to experience the subtle healing effects of these specially blended oils.

Soothing scents Protection & Cleansing oils can be used before and after the visualisation to cleanse and protect the aura.

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