Chakra Balancing Oils

Information Sheet


chakra lady

 CROWN  Violet  top of head Connecting with your higher self, psychological problems, gaining motivation, dizziness and phobias
 THIRD EYE Purple On the forehead between eyebrows Headaches & migraine, mental stress/anxiety, clear-thinking, auric sight,meditation, lack of focus
THROAT Blue Top of the sternum Communication problems, neck & thyroid complaints, sore throat self-expression, decisiveness, speaking your truth
HEART  Green Middle of chest area Grief, bereavement, emotional problems, chest & heart complaints, restlessness, instability, feelings of being unsettled, loss of faith
 SOLAR PLEXUS Yellow Bottom of the sternum Stress, mood swings, pessimism, ulcers & stomach problems, lack  of assertiveness & confidence with others, negativity, fatigue
 SACRAL Orange Centre of abdomen Creative blocks. depression, sexual problems, lack of imagination,  bad temper, resentment, bladder/kidney & digestive complaints
 ROOT  Red At the root of the spine Lack of self esteem and drive, fears & obsessions, leg, knee & feet problems, reproductive system complaints, lack of grounding

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