Soothingscents Chakra Balancing Oils

Balance and heal your chakras


Soothingscents chakra balancing oils are synergistic blends of essential oils infused into witchazel . They are designed to be used to balance the body’s’ energy fields as part of a healing routine.

A useful and valuable tool for therapists and healers and can be used with crystal therapy,  reiki treatments, spiritual healing and energy work. Each Set of oils comes with a case and instructions for use.

soothing sents chakra oils

Chakra Balancing Oils 5ml
Set of 7

ROOT Instinct     SACRAL Joy     SOLAR PLEXUS Interaction
HEART Love    THROAT Expression    THIRD EYE Awareness    CROWN Union


For more information go to about chakra oils


Learn how to use the chakra oils in a healing routine. Gain a professional qualification in chakra balancing and aroma healing and become a Soothingscents practitioner. Just £395

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