Celtic Blessing oils

Information sheet




Autumn Equinox

Celebrated on the 21st of September (day and night of equal length). A time of severance of the old and waiting the descent of winter. Useful when letting go of the past and bringing projects to fruition. Includes Clove bud

Spring Equinox

Celebrated on the 21st of March – Day and Night of equal lengths.  The days becoming longer and the approach of summer lifts the spirits. Useful for when starting new projects and giving your life a spring clean. Includes Myrtle

Winter Solstice

Celebrated on the 21st of December. A celebration of the return of the sun as the days grow longer after this the longest night of the year. Traditionally associated with re-birth. Useful when starting afresh or on a learning curve. Good for connecting with your inner child. Includes Frankincense

Summer Solstice

Celebrated on the 21st of June. The peak of the year, when the sun is at its strongest. A celebration of Sun and of Man (The longest day and the shortest night). Useful for when you are feeling low or need a boost. Includes Benzoin


Celebrated on the 31st of October, the celtic new year,  the day when the veil between this world and the next is thinnest. Watch out for ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in the night. Useful for when taking on challenges or dealing with addictions. Good for astral travel and divination. Includes Hempseed essential oil


An ancient festival traditionally celebrating Brigid – The maiden Goddess who heralds the coming of spring. (January 31st). Useful for healing and dealing with life changes. Includes Geranium


Celebrated on May Day (May 1st). This festival focuses on the wild, untamed spirit of the young Horned God.  Useful when an energy boost is needed or when dealing with issues of sexuality. Includes Cinnamon Leaf


Associated with Lugh – The pagan god of mischief. This festival on July 31st represents the Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess and hazy summer days. Useful for when you are feeling low and isolated. Includes Cardoman and Yarrow


A gentle soothing oil that heals and purifies ailments and emotional problems. Includes Eucalyptus (Dives)
A warm and spicy oil to warm the cockles of the heart and increase good feelings, motivation and drive. Useful for when you are felling washed out. Includes Petigrain
A light, breezy oil including Caraway essential oil to delight the senses and encourage clear and direct communications. Useful for study and to clear the mind
EARTH Element
A grounding, earthy oil. Useful for getting projects finished and dealing with the material aspects of life. Good for Earth Healing and moving  house. Includes Cypress
An all purpose oil for invoking the male principle. Useful for when you need spiritual strength and support. Good for when embarking on creative projects. Includes Galabanum
An all purpose oil invoking the feminine principles. Useful  for when you need spiritual support and nurturing. Good when working in the garden. Includes Bergamot


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