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The one stop shop for all things body, mind and spirit. A space for healing, relaxation and training in holistic therapies. 

A warm welcome from Principal Tutor Lizzy Halbert
‘From Aromatherapy to advanced Crystal Healing i will guide your journey into the therapeutic world of holistics’

Lizzy has over 25 years experience in the practice of holistic therapies and is a knowledgeble speaker and tutor on body, mind and spirit related subjects particularly in the field of intuitive healing

Developing from an early love of aromatic plants, and after experiencing the benefits of massage therapy i started making natural healing products and trained in Aromatherapy, calling my business Soothing Scents. I would go on to develop treatments and courses combining aromatherapy with energetic healing.

I added to my existing qualifications and later trained in Crystal Healing Therapy with Kath Huddlestone of the Spiritual Venturers Association, becoming a tutor for her and then setting up Soothing Stones School of Crystal Healing to deliver the courses myself

After tutoring holistic therapies at other colleges i established the Institute of Healing to deliver holistic therapy services and we have provided high quality training to many students and relaxing, health promoting therapies to thousands of clients.

I have particular expertise in the treatment of addictions and convelesence from injuries or surgery . I provide services to well-being agencies and vulnerable person charities. I also provide bespoke treatment plans for individuals.

Get the Performance Edge-

Bespoke mixed therapy treatments for high powered individuals looking to stay top of their game 

Talks, demo’s, workshops-

An accomplished speaker and workshop leader in all aspects of holistic healing

Aura readings-

Find out what your auric colours reveal about you with spiritual messages and intuitive guidance

Earth Energy & Entities-

Lizzy has much experience in dealing with energetic disturbances of all kinds and talks about her endeavours and research in this area



Soothing Scents

Soothe your senses with Lizzys’ hand-made product range dediated for healing. Chakra Balancing and Aura Oils, face creams, hand and foot balms and massage oils.

Soothing Stones Crystal Healing

Soothing Stones 

Enhance your energies with healing crystals, pendulums, pendants, wands and more


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